Thursday, September 8, 2011

A rose by any other name...

This week it seems the word rose has become the theme. I have been receiving stories from generous souls for an upcoming  project I'll be working on. I'm not actually supposed to be working on it yet. I am supposed to be finishing up pieces for upcoming shows and submissions. I read a story from a woman called Rose that immediately created an image in my head so I took a break from what I should be doing to create this little study. Rose does beautiful embroidery work which can be seen here . The piece called Umbrella Man from her invention series is my favorite.

I took the patterns I created to make the piece above to do this little number in my sketchbook. Though I think this was born out of procrastination rather than inspiration.
procrastination rose

This leads me to the next rose. I had a beautiful sketchbook made by Erica of the shop Odelae and it is called Old World Rose.
old world rose

I requested the beautiful weaving on the spine. It reminds me of the antique hand woven linen I use in much of my work. I love the smell of the leather and paper together. Actually I love everything about it.

I am still collecting stories for my project that will eventually become a book. If you are interested in participating more information can be found here.


  1. how lovely to be so inspired by other's stories. beautiful work...
    fee x
    Weekend - Hooray!

  2. Whether new work comes from procratination or inspiration doesn't matter since one is always in need of new ideas which can be touched.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love it Cindy! It reminds me - I think you should do one that is inspired by the story of Daphne whose arms became the branches of a tree.

  4. Thanks so much Cindy....I'm honored...

  5. Thanks for your comments:)

    @Sheila- I think Daphne would be a wonderful subject. You have a way of getting my gears turning:)

    @ Rose- You are so welcome! It is I though that should thank you:)